1. Gatorade
    Taylor Jade, Factor Chandelier

  2. Time Invested II (Deluxe)

  3. Eastlake

  4. First Storm

  5. Wisdom Teeth

  6. Factoria

  7. Woke Up Alone

  8. Lawson Graham

  9. Chandelier

  10. Factor and the Chandeliers

  11. Singles Series

  12. 13 Stories

  13. Club Soda Series 1

  14. Club Soda Series 2

  15. Famous Nights and Empty Days

  16. Heights

  17. Three

  18. Con-Soul Confessions

  19. Time Invested

  20. Side Road and Friends B-Sides and Unreleased Hits

  21. Owl Hours
    AWOL One, Factor Chandelier

  22. People Into Making Progress
    Myka 9, Factor Chandelier

  23. Years (2009-2019)
    Myka 9, Factor Chandelier

  24. Famous Future Time Travel
    Myka 9, Factor Chandelier

  25. Sovereign Soul
    Myka 9, Factor Chandelier

  26. 1969
    Myka 9, Factor Chandelier

  27. All That's Left
    Evil Ebenezer, Factor Chandelier

  28. Tinted Skyscraper
    Evil Ebenezer, Factor Chandelier

  29. Welcome to Success
    Paranoid Castle

  30. Champagne Nightmares
    Paranoid Castle

  31. One Way Ticket
    Paranoid Castle

  32. The Trip Beyond
    The Gaff, Factor Chandelier

  33. Old Dog New Tricks Who This
    Common Grackle

  34. Livin La Vida Boo Hoo
    Candy's .22

  35. 7 Vessels
    Kay the Aquanaut, Factor Chandelier

  36. Kill Factory
    Dope Knife, Factor Chandelier

  37. Saffron
    Ron Contour, Factor Chandelier

  38. Factoria Instrumentals

  39. Woke Up Alone Instrumentals

  40. Party Til Your Body Stops
    Cam, Gram and G.A.M.

  41. Metropolis Now
    Metropolis Now

  42. The Sacred Well
    Myka 9

  43. Outside The Frame
    Joey Stylez, Factor Chandelier

  44. No Control
    Rafael Vigilantics, Factor Chandelier

  45. Blind Melon
    D-Sisive, Factor Chandelier

  46. Return Of The Grack
    Common Grackle

  47. Watermelon Slurpee
    Nestor Wynrush, Factor Chandelier

  48. Precious Stone
    Rob Crooks, Factor Chandelier

  49. Creeper (Single)
    Myka 9, Factor Chandelier

  50. With Pain Comes Pleasure

  51. 46 Middles
    50 Fingers

  52. Colour Scheme
    Factor Chandelier, Kay the Aquanaut, Cam the Wiz, Def 3, M.Phasis, Nolto, Forgetful Jones


Factor Chandelier Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Factor Chandelier's production combines smooth melodic moods and live instruments over immaculate drums put together seemingly effortlessly to create a distinct sound of his own and it's for this reason he's consistently banging out one-of-a-kind beats as one of underground music’s favourite producers. Factor continues to make waves with his innovative sound. ... more

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